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VDDK logs flooding when used with NETAPP NMSDK.




We have an issue while using the NMSDK where in there seems to be a conflict between VMware VDDK and NETAPP NMSDK. It is crucial for us to address this problem as this tends to flood the end users machines with logs.


VDDK logs are getting flooded with the message “SSLCheckLockingCallback: locking callback overwritten! Expected 7FEED0D4CA0, saw 138CF7A0".  When we contacted VMWare about this, it may be due to some of the NMSDK APIs overwriting lock call back. VMware believes that, in Netapp case when using NMSDK, Netapp directly overriding the lock call back without checking whether it's already been set or not.


In VMware case during SSL initialization they try to set lock callback using CRYPTO_set_locking_callback() only if it is not already set so that they do not override something which is already set. They use CRYPTO_get_locking_callback() to do this.


Can you help check this? Please find the attached mail for discussion between Arcserve and VMware.




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