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Vfiler Tunneling with C# SDK 5.5


Hi All,


The bellow code works fine, however the filer i am querying has igroups created under a vfiler.

In powershell you would use something like the following to see igroups under a vfiler


Connect-NaController -Name -Credential root -Vfiler vfiler1



I Cannot find any equivilent inside the 5.5 SDK, can anyone offer any answers?



String connection = "";
String user = @"root";
String password = "password123";


NaFiler filer = new NaFiler(connection);
filer.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(user, password);
filer.ForceUseUnsecure = true;


IgroupListInfo igroupIn = new IgroupListInfo();
IgroupListInfoResult igroupOut = igroupIn.Invoke(filer);


foreach (InitiatorGroupInfo Igroup in igroupOut.InitiatorGroups)
       Console.WriteLine("------------------------------------------------- ");
       Console.WriteLine("InitiatorGroupName: " + Igroup.InitiatorGroupName);
       Console.WriteLine("InitiatorGroupType: " + Igroup.InitiatorGroupType);

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