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Volume Attributes Sometimes Initialized And Sometimes Not


Hello, I was told by Netapp support that this was the place for my question. I have an issue with some of my read-only volumes sometimes not having space attributes.


for cluster in cluster_list:
  server = netapp.netapp_login(cluster)
  request = server.invoke('aggr-get-iter', 'max-records', 10000).child_get('attributes-list')
  if request is None:
    print "No aggregate attributes were found for cluster:", cluster
  request = request.children_get()
  for a in request:
    aggr_name = a.child_get_string('aggregate-name')
    space_attrs = a.child_get('aggr-space-attributes')
    if space_attrs is None:
      print "No space attributes were found for:", aggr_name, cluster
    size = space_attrs.child_get_string('size-total')
    used = space_attrs.child_get_string('size-used')


The error messages look like this: 

No space attributes for: edadisk002_ro_6a torcfs01 No space attributes for: edagroup_ro_5b torcfs01 No space attributes for: edalicense_ro_5b torcfs01


And they aren't consistent. This script runs every five minutes but I'll get this notification for different volume(s) each time and only a couple times a day (or none at all). Any idea why this could be happening?

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