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Write and Read Latency for CDOT Node and SVM via CLI


I didn't find a command to get Write and Read Latency values for a CDOT Node and SVM via CLI. Is there a CLI command that gives the details?



Have you looked at 'statistics volume show' ?




This will give statistics of a Volume, but I need the statistics (Latency, ReadOps, WiteOps) at Node or SVM level on CDOT 8.3.? Is there are command that can be used?


So you're more interested in per-node/VSM statistics - aka an average for the entire device vs. volumes?


I know 'qos statistics' can be run by node, but it doesn't appear to break out read vs. write. You may want to configure some QOS policies (without limits) to see how that reports.





QOS INF is always useful...a lot of what you are looking for... examples below.


::> qos policy-group create -policy-group unlimited -vserver vsname -max-throughput INF
::> qos policy-group show
::> vol modify * -qos-policy-group unlimited    # don't set for vsroot
    # "none" to set back to no value

::> qos statistics workload performance show -refresh-display true
::> qos statistics performance show
::> qos statistics characteristics show
::> qos statistics latency show
::> qos statistics volume show
::> qos statistics volume characteristics show
::> qos statistics workload characteristics show
::> qos statistics resource cpu show -node nodename
::> qos statistics volume latency show
::> qos statistics volume performance show

::> qos statistics workload resource cpu show -node nodename
::> qos statistics workload resource disk show -node nodename
::> qos statistics volume resource cpu show -nodename
::> qos statistics volume resource disk show -nodename

::> set adv
::*> statistics show-periodic
::*> statistics show-periodic -object node -instance node -node nodename

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