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ansible with ontap 9.5



I just started on Ansible for NetApp automation, I was trying to ping a netapp A220 (ontap 9.5) using Ansible, but i get the issue and  the issue is as listed,


redhat@ansible# ansible all - m ping| UNREACHABLE! => {
"changed": false,
"msg": "Failed to connect to the host via ssh: ",
"unreachable": true


i know that the systms are connected, they find each other, both can be reached, the controller(redhat) and the managed system(netapp) were correctlly configured. but when i use ansible to ping netapp, brought these issue. no chance to get the issue out.


please, i am searching for a solution,   


my  agenda:


-they were tow hosts (controller/ansible) and the netapp. both correctly configured (two ip’s),

-on the ontap i create a user which had  (publickey or password, ssh [protocol], admin[role])

-the hosts file include those information’s  


 did i forget something,



How can I acheive this?? with ansible | SUCCESS => {
"ansible_facts": {
"discovered_interpreter_python": "/usr/bin/python"
"changed": false,
"ping": "pong






Welcome to Ansible 😊


The ping module doesn't work with ONTAP.  It actually tries an ssh connection - which is not how ONTAP is accessed. The NetApp modules use an http/https connection.


HIGHLY recommend you go to (thePub) and read the excellent series of articles on Ansible by David Blackwell - and it'll get you on the right track as far as using the NetApp Ansible modules.


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