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audit-log-get-iter SDk 9.4


Hi I am using python and looking for a way to query the audit log between two time stamps.

I have tried to use these even thought they are not listed, I  thought by chance or magic they would work




child_add_string("end-time", end_time)
child_add_string("start-time", start_time)


The issue I am getting too many hits on my search string and it's taking a long time to run the query.

Is there another way pull logs between two timestamps 



Re: audit-log-get-iter SDk 9.4


I'm not sure the SDK has that functionality, however you may be able to use is logging to an external server from which you can query based on the timecode at the start of the message.



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Re: audit-log-get-iter SDk 9.4


Hi, thank you for the confirmation. 

I was hopeful that there may have been an undocumented feature in the SDK.

I have been working on getting log forwarding in place. 

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