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Share and connect with other developers using NetApp's SDKs and APIs for Data ONTAP and OnCommand, FPolicy, SnapMirror and Plug-ins.

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My Netapp filers are running 9.1p5, python version is 3.7.3 and NMSDK version is 9.4. When i run the following python script, it gives me the error an more
Hi, I am using below ONTAP API's and DLL to manage a cifs share & quota management using tool. DLL: - ONTAP 9.1 (From NetApp Manageability S more
You tried to check the snap mirror status by referring to the SDK guide.The sdk version has been tested in version 5.4 / 9.6.I want to know why.  
Hello,   We have a quote a few NAS SVMs running accross 2 cDot Clusters that run Ontap 9.4P3, when attempting to use quota-set-entry through the API w more
Dear All, I am trying to query NTFS ACL for shared volumes using the c# netapp-manageability-sdk-9.6.  The underlyning infrastructure is ontapi 1.120 more
I am seeing this error and following it the stack trace:  *** Aborted at 1560796356 (unix time) try "date -d @1560796356" if you are using GNU date ** more
I cannot locate a ZAPI to modify the following, does one exist? volume efficiency modify -vserver xxxx-volume xxxx -compression false -inline-compress more
We are started to develop the FPolicy server according to the SDK you provided us. however, we have an issue which I hope you could help or maybe you more
While connecting to netappfiler with ontap api using java 11 i am getting following error om.netapp.nmsdk.client.ApiProtocolException: Connection erro more
service-processor-image-update api shows that "node" field is missing eventhough its specified. Please help.The below code has been created using pyth more