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Share and connect with other developers using NetApp's SDKs and APIs for Data ONTAP and OnCommand, FPolicy, SnapMirror and Plug-ins.

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Hello community,   for some time I am trying to solve issue regarding API call for LUN capacity list from Netapp Harvest to Active IQ.   Observed beha more
I have been led to believe that all of the interactions in the ONTAP System Manager UI map to API calls but I cannot seem to find the call that toggle more
Hi guys,   if i used on "date" command on ssh i got right date:   But if i use on Powershell on get-nctime i got this time:   How can i get same dat more
i m trying to pull the aggr space using  below script and getting hte error.Cna some one help me plz. Error:  File "", line 34, in < more
How can I retrieve the corresponding export policy name based on a known volume name, then assign it to a variable in Playbook. The goal is to use the more
i've followed a previous article : more
I am checking ping command with ansible to NetApp simulator  , it is throwing me the below error messages   ansible -i filers -m comman more
 So I am working with some automation using Ansible and the NetApp Modules the one I am using is na_ontap_info and whenever I ran a task with that mod more
I would like to know where can I get reference manual of SDK For Data ONTAP 8.2 7-mode.   I can reach below document center for old SDKs. https://mysu more
I'm trying to set up ssh without a password using HostConnection(host, username: str = None, password: str = None, cert: str = None, key: str = None, more
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