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Background: Currently we have implemented SnapMirror using Split operation, since we faced issue with Fracture operation. As per CIM definition split more
I am checking ping command with ansible to NetApp simulator  , it is throwing me the below error messages   ansible -i filers -m comman more
hi    i know the cli command to clone the lun from snapshot copy of volume in netapp Array.. CLI commands: 1. create snapshot:     volume snapshot cre more
Hi,   I downloaded NMSDK 9.3 and was trying out the sample code. I was getting error: Error 13006: Vserver API missing vserver parameter. if you add: more
I see api's for the following except for net-interface-rename   net-interface-createnet-interface-deletenet-interface-get-iternet-interface-migratenet more
My question to NetApp - why so complicated?Do I really need to have paid support to download and use your SDK? 
Is the growth(slope) to be calculated with the reference of past 90 days or more?May i know how exactly it works?
Hello, Everyone.   I'm still a beginner with C# and programming in general, so excuse my ignorance. I have created a C-mode application that scans the more
Hi, We have upgraded ONTAP version from 9.1P6 to 9.3P7. After the firware upgrade our ONTAP API scripts are not working getting below error. We are no more
Hi Folk,   We want to delegate the permissions to allow people to delete files and directories directly off the cluster, but for the life of me I can' more