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Share and connect with other developers using NetApp's SDKs and APIs for Data ONTAP and OnCommand, FPolicy, SnapMirror and Plug-ins.

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We are started to develop the FPolicy server according to the SDK you provided us. however, we have an issue which I hope you could help or maybe you more
While connecting to netappfiler with ontap api using java 11 i am getting following error om.netapp.nmsdk.client.ApiProtocolException: Connection erro more
service-processor-image-update api shows that "node" field is missing eventhough its specified. Please help.The below code has been created using pyth more
Hey all, I need some help with FPolicy external server setup and configuration, how these servers are setup is there any specific software provided by more
Hi Team,      Can you please direct to documentation where I can find sample java code using SDK to retrive documents stored in NetApp?
I use "system-get-version" to check my ontap version, it comes to "NetApp Release 9.4P1". and I downloaded netapp-manageability-sdk-9.5, in tool zedi, more
I followed these directions to implement certificate-based authentication of NMSDK to Cluster Mode and was partially successful:   Steps : Create more
I observed below exception from NetApps API jar File : manageontap.jar while accessing volumes in Filer.Can please state the reasons for NaAPIFailedEx more
Hi, we are in need of latest ZEDI api doc (Ontapi 1.150 api doc) to test NetApp 9.5 version api's. Please help us to find it.   Thanks, Viju
Can we use NMSDK for Ontap Cloud and Ontap select??