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Share and connect with other developers using NetApp's SDKs and APIs for Data ONTAP and OnCommand, FPolicy, SnapMirror and Plug-ins.

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Hi, do someone use the NetApp PowerShell Toolkit for ONTAP 9.6 and can tell me, over which Cmdlet I can set the volume options for the Logical Space R more
I was told, by EMC, " For NTAP – you’ll need to have the NetApp Management SDK to install on the NVE VM" (to be able to write from virtual networker t more
Posting on behalf of a customer -   Trying to figure out SDK call to flush the DNS cache on vfiler after we break the snapmirror and export volume on more
Trying to create my first playbook and I am getting the following error on a volume create:   File "/tmp/ansible_na_cdot_volume_payload_XLT_EQ/__main_ more
In case that we need to use Fpolicy to block access to some specific Applications not users , is there a current technque to do that. The current solu more
Hi, I am trying to delete snapshot from powershell but it does not work for me. I´m able to connect to my cluster, I can browse vols and snapshots, bu more
Hi all,   Most of our CIFS volumes have their namespace under vol, a leftover from our 7-mode days. Recently, we have simply allowed Ontap to create t more
Looking for the property values for 'Thin Provisioned' and 'Style' under the cmdlet Get-NcVol, that are displayed in the GUI/WEB under Volumes.  Below more
Running Ontap 9.5 on FAS systems.   Netapp PS Toolkit 9.6.0   Using AD credentials, I am unable to invoke-ncssh.   However, if I use the netapp admin more
I used to use "Set-NcSnapmirror -MaxTransferRate" in 8.1, but it now appears to be broken in 9.5.   Does anyone know of a fix other than to use the in more