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cDOT performance API issues


I got some quries from customer about the cDOT performance monitor. So look for some help!


Here is a list of open topics:

  • What is the format of preset file? Is it the same as 7-mode?
  • Is “statistics preset import” the only way to import new preset file? In 7-mode, I can directly write the a preset file to the root file system.
    • By using “statistics preset import”, I need to establish an HTTP/FTP server somewhere at first.
    • Does it support HTTPS? Otherwise filers in DMZ will not able to get the preset file.
  • Please suggest where I can find the following 7-mode counters in cDOT:(is there any docs list all the cDOT counters? or how can I easily find mapping counters between 7 and C?)
    • cifs_stats
      • offload_qlength
    • ifnet(physical port)
      • recv_packets
      • send_packets
      • recv_data
      • send_data
    • For NFSv4/NFSv4.1 stats:
      • Do nfsv4 counters tick with nfsv4.1 traffic?
      • Are “read_total” and “write_total” talking about IOPS?
    • There’s no way to specify preset file in API.



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