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create volume in cluster-mode


I lookup to create volume in a cluster-mode by api.

But, i can't find the api to create a volume and attach to a vserver.

There is an api to create the volume or i have to use a cli to create it ?

Best regards.



Re: create volume in cluster-mode

Hi Barnabé,

The volume-create API is a Vserver API in Clustered ONTAP. You connect to a Vserver and then run the volume-create API to create a volume on that Vserver. Or, alternatively, you can connect to the Administrative Vserver on the Cluster Management interface and use Vserver tunneling (NaServer.setVserver()) to tunnel the volume-create API to your desired Vserver.

You might find the sample code included in the SDK helpful. It has an example of creating volumes using either method described above.



Re: create volume in cluster-mode

Hello Ben,

Thanks for your answer, it's work.

I haven't seen that the way to create a volume is done by a vserver not by the cluster.