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file-create-directory throws EONTAPI_ENOENT after file-get-file-info showed valid info


i've encountered an issue on ontap9, that looks like this:

1. i create dir1 using file-create-directory 

2. i call file-get-file-info for dir1, and get a valid info back (with size and name etc).

3. i try to call file-create-directory for "dir1/child" and get EONTAPI_ENOENT  (meaning dir1 doesn't exit)
4. after a ~30sec i'm able to do a successful file-create-directory for "/dir1/child"


why is this happening and is there an elegant way to be certain when "dir1" actually fully exists as far as netapp is concerned?





You should be able to see the dir created almost instantly. As why you running into this issue, will need to review some logs and maybe have you collect a packet trace to check why the filer is not able to create the file/directory into the newly created one. If you still facing that issue, you can create a case and have support assist in troubleshooting this behaviour.



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