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get server time from zapi


Hi, I am trying to get the server time for a vserver using zapi commands


clock-get-clock works at a cluster level but when I try it on a vserver address I get the following fail:


<results reason="Insufficient privileges: user 'admin' does not have read access to this resource" errno="13003" status="failed"/>


According to the OntapClusterAPI documentation that came with 8.3 SDK it should work for [Family: cluster, vserver]



Is there some permission that I need to add to my admin user?  Or is this command just not supported in a vserver context?

Or is there an alternative method I should use to get the server time when talking to a vserver





having the same problem with 7-mode filers, no way to get the server time from a vfiler but can get it from the root filer


from the vfiler:

""Unable to find API: clock-get-clock" errno="13005" status="failed"



As my software treats filers and vfilers the same this means I have no reliable way to get the server time



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