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how to add a rule to a quota policy with OnTap API

I want to use the OnTap API to add a rule to a quota policy.  In this specific case to change the quota for a user from the default.  I cannot find the function to use in zexplore under quota or volume.

From the command line on the filer I would run:


volume quota policy rule create -vserver nfs1 -policy-name user_quota -volume v0 -type user -target 5120 -qtree "" -disk-limit 32GB


Thanks in advance for your help.



Re: how to add a rule to a quota policy with OnTap API



You will want to use the "quota-add-entry" API.


As an aside, you can view the CLI <-> API map using the command "security login role show-ontapi".


Hope that helps.



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Re: how to add a rule to a quota policy with OnTap API

Thanks for the answer, I also came to the same conclusion after posting. In case it helps others below is what I learned.


1) The quota modify api calls are listed under the "Vserver" section in zexplore, not the "Cluster-Mode" section.

2) To use the Vserver section of calls you need to target a mgmt enabled lif on the SVM and not the cluster mgmt lif.


Sample code can be seen in zexplore (in my case python) and the IP or Name in the NaServer object needs to me your SVM not the cluster SVM.  To modify what I wanted (just the disk space allowed)

my object looked like this:


api = NaElement("quota-add-entry")

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