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ontap8 clone-start vs ontap9 clone-create


according to the documentation 'clone-create' is a synchronous operation.

i take this statement to mean that as soon as it returns, i should be able to 'file-get-file-info' on the destination path. 

in practice it takes 5-20sec to get a successful  'file-get-file-info' response. 

is there a better way to know when the clone actually finished (other than polling 'file-get-file-info')? 

polling seems like a step backwards from ontap8 'clone-list-status'. 

with 'clone-list-status' i could at get all pending clones in one call rather then poll for them individually

i could dispatch a call with multiple 'file-get-file-info' tags but it's messier than ontap8 'clone-list-status'.


quote from documentation (

In Data ONTAP 8.0 the cloning implementation
is an asynchronous operation. The clone-start API is used to start
a clone operation. It returns an clone-id which is used for polling
to get the status of the clone operation using the clone-list-status
API. If this API returns success, the user can consider that clone
operation has completed; if it returns failure, the user should
clear the status of clone operation using clone-clear API. A clone
operation in progress can be aborted using the clone-stop API. In
Data ONTAP 8.1 the cloning implementation is a synchronous

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