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perl: unable to filter 'event-list-iter-start' using 'event-severities' parameter (dfm 5.2p2)


I'm pulling the list of current events using perl and the API. I can get a list of events and I can filter the list using some of the documented parameters.

('include-deleted-objects','FALSE','is-acknowledged','FALSE','is-deleted','FALSE', etc...)

But if I try to use

$output = $s->invoke("event-list-iter-start",'event-severities','critical');

I get the same number of events reguardless of what severity level I try (normal, information, warning, critical, etc...) I can put any string as a value

to the event-severities parameter and I get no errors and the same list of events. from netap-manageability-sdk-5.2.1R1

dfm 5.2p2 (one is 7-mode, the other cluster, same behaviour)

There are only normal and information events on my servers so I should get 0 events from the API call, but I get hundreds of normal and information

events. The check would be much more efficient if I could only get warning and above events, but I can't get the filter to work as documented.



sample code:




my $VERSION = '1.0';    # Controls the SDK release.

use strict;

use lib '/usr/local/share/perl5/NetApp';     #<====change to match locaion of your file

use NaServer;


our $port=<port>;             #<==============insert your port here

our $filer="<dfmserver>";  #<==============insert your DFM server ip or fqdn here

our $s = NaServer->new($filer, 1, 0);

$s->set_admin_user($user, $password);





$output = $s->invoke("event-list-iter-start",'include-deleted-objects','FALSE','is-acknowledged','FALSE','is-deleted','FALSE','event-severities','error');

if ($output->results_errno != 0) {

        our $r = $output->results_reason();

        print "Failed: $r\n";

} else {

        my $tag = $output->child_get_string("tag");

        my $records = $output->child_get_string("records");

        print "$records tag is $tag\n";



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