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python Rest Api 9.7 new user quota fails

When trying to add a new user quota the error is:


"users" is a required input for creating a user rule and "group" is not allowed


The arguments passed are:

newquota = QuotaRule(users=[{'name': linname}] , svm={'name' : self.storage_controllers[]['vserver']}, volume={'name':'vol_users'}, qtree={'name':'users'}, type='user',user_mapping="off", space={'hard_limit':new_quota_size})


From what i can see seems that the variable is not passed to the api request.


Python 3.6

netapp-ontap 9.7.2


Modify quotas works as expected.

Any suggestion ?


Re: python Rest Api 9.7 new user quota fails

Hi @nicola_mendella ,


It looks like a bug.

This is because the marshmallow schema for  QuotaReportUsersSchema doesn't allow postable field for name, even id.

So you can modify in the library like

class QuotaReportUsersSchema(ResourceSchema):
"""The fields of the QuotaReportUsers object"""

id = fields.Str(data_key="id")
r""" Quota target user ID """

name = fields.Str(data_key="name")
r""" Quota target user name """

def resource(self):
return QuotaReportUsers

def patchable_fields(self):
return [

def postable_fields(self):
return ['name'


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Re: python Rest Api 9.7 new user quota fails

Thank You. This solved the issue.

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