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shttpc_get_connect_error with netapp sdk

I am seeing this error and following it the stack trace: 

*** Aborted at 1560796356 (unix time) try "date -d @1560796356" if you are using GNU date ***
PC: @     0x7fc8379a48ed shttpc_get_connect_error
*** SIGSEGV (@0x10084) received by PID 15323 (TID 0x202ba700) from PID 65668; stack trace: ***
    @     0x7fc823c99bdd google::(anonymous namespace)::FailureSignalHandler()
    @     0x7fc822ffead0 (unknown)
    @     0x7fc8379a48ed shttpc_get_connect_error
    @     0x124824924800 (unknown)

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

The arguments all look file. Not sure what is happening here. Any pointers will be helpful. let me know if any info is needed.