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system-cli authorization failed


<results status="failed" reason="Authorization failed" errno="13002"></results>


Code snippet


api = NaElement("system-cli")
xi = NaElement("priv","diag")
xi1 = NaElement("args")


I am using user 'admin' with the following privileges on the admin vserver


security login show admin

Vserver: <admin vserver>
Authentication Acct
UserName Application Method Role Name Locked
---------------- ----------- -------------- ---------------- ------
admin console password admin no
admin http password admin no
admin ontapi password admin no
admin service-processor
password admin no
admin ssh password admin no
5 entries were displayed.


Re: system-cli authorization failed

[ Edited ]

To add. The username/password I am is correct since all the other apis work without issue.

I am facing this issue only while using the system-cli api.



Re: system-cli authorization failed

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