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unix security settings etc. using powershell toolkit




We wish to implement a home directory lifecycle management using
powershell toolkit from windows. The home directories will be used by
linux clients using kerberized NFS4 so the security style of the volume
will be unix. We need to perform following tasks:

1) create directory

2) change modebits

3) change owner of the directory

4) delete directory

We have struggled with the last two and are unable to find any viable
solution and would be happy to get comments and help.

1) & 2) can be both done with New-NcDirectory

3) We are unable to find how to set security settings such as owner (chown equivalent).
*NcFileDirectorySecurity* -seems to be only for NTFS.

4) Remove-NcDirectory can only remove empty directories. Therefore it is
not usable for home directories lifecycle management.


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