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Check out the growing list of validated partner solutions for StorageGRID!


The StorageGRID team is hard at work enabling and integrating more and more third-party applications with StorageGRID! Most recently, we have validated (or re-validated) applications from Reveille, Dremio, and CTERA, with plenty more to go on the backlog. As a matter of fact, with the StorageGRID 11.6 release, we have over 40 ISV’s on our list of validated applications, and more than 10 of those have been added over the past year. 


We will continue our efforts to expand the published list of validated third-party solutions. While we have our own to-do list in the pipeline, we are always interested in hearing about other potential ISVs and/or Technology Alliance Partners. 

  • If you are a partner and would like to engage with the StorageGRID team for a solution integration, feel free to email me at, but you should also register to become an Alliance Partner here:! 
  • If you are an end-user of StorageGRID, and you would like to see integration and/or validation with a specific partner or third-party application, feel free to email me at! If you have a NetApp sales representative, you should also reach out to them. 
  • If you are a NetApp employee, and you have an opportunity with a partner or ISV that you think will bring value to StorageGRID, please email me! 


In addition to working closely with our solution partners, we have made it easier for you, our partners, and our end-users to access this list via our publicly available online documentation hub: Check it out! 


I am going to get back to work on expanding our list, but again, we would love to hear from you regarding any new opportunity/partnership for StorageGRID!