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Consolidate distributed file servers with NetApp flash storage systems


Many companies have large numbers of file servers that were created for different reasons throughout the years and spread across multiple locations. These “islands” of data are costly to manage as IT teams must deal with the complexities of protecting data, remaining compliant, performing audits, and defending against security breaches. Being able to consolidate tens or hundreds of file servers into one would significantly decrease the time and money IT spends managing them.


Hundreds of file servers? No problem.

NetApp systems come with built-in support for edge caching, which enables organizations to consolidate hundreds of file servers into a single footprint and still provide distributed office locations with fast, secure access to the data they care most about. With NetApp, IT has an enterprise-class storage system to manage, protect, secure, and govern, and remote sites have seamless access to their data with no impact to applications, workflow, or user experience. ​ 





With speed, with security

BlueXP edge caching leverages a centralized file store to serve remote locations around the globe. Frequently accessed data is maintained in each of the associated edge locations and employs local encryption, compression, and file differencing to allow seamless, high-speed access to the centrally managed files. Its intelligent caching means users are always working on the most recent version of the file. And its file locking capabilities provide version control and ensures no one is overwriting another employee's work at the wrong time. This prevents project plans from being delayed by unintentional duplicate work and prevents work in progress from becoming redundant.


                                 Chart: How NetApp built-in support for edge caching instances reside in each location



With NetApp systems, your customers can easily enable a global edge caching solution that allows them to consolidate dozens or hundreds of distributed file servers into a single ONTAP footprint. BlueXP edge caching works with ONTAP to enable users anywhere in the world to access centrally managed files in real-time, without changing workflow, applications, or user experience. NetApp is unique in the ability to reduce both the cost and risk of managing a global file store while preserving the user productivity and boosting business agility.


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