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How to Upgrade to ONTAP 9.8


With the new NetApp® ONTAP® System Manager 9.8 UI, the ONTAP upgrade process has never been easier. The entire process is automated and it only requires a few clicks. First, download the ONTAP software from the NetApp support site and follow the process to have your cluster updated to the latest ONTAP software.




To see this in action, please check out this video demo.


If you have an additional node for expansion, after the correct network connections are established, System Manager 9.8 shows you the additional node in the cluster UI and takes you to the expansion steps. We also provide an option to set the login banner directly from this menu without going to the CLI.


For more details on upgrade version requirements, please visit this link.


In the next blog, let’s talk about the new features in System Manager 9.8.


Where can I learn more?


Please see a list of useful resources at this link.