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Introducing data protection via SnapCenter to protect virtualized MSSQL and Oracle on VMC-FSxN


Customers running their mission-critical databases on FSx for ONTAP can use SnapCenter to protect these workloads. This applies to databases like MSSQL, Oracle, SAP HANA With growing popularity of VMware Cloud, SnapCenter is expanding its capability to offer same experience to create snapshots, restore data, and clone MSSQL and Oracle databases running on VMware Cloud.

SnapCenter leverages storage-based space-efficient snapshot copies that enables rapid and almost instantaneous backup and restoration of database copies. This allows database and virtual machine administrators to achieve faster recovery time objectives (RTO) in order to meet organizational service level agreements (SLAs).


Data is the most valuable possession for any organization. The significance of data stored in mission-critical databases should not be put at risk of loss. Ensuring the protection of this data from accidental loss or operational disruptions is crucial to maintain business resilience. SnapCenter simplifies the task of creating backups and restoring database copies to meet the backup and restore service level agreements (SLAs) established by organizations. This mitigates operational disruptions. SnapCenter empowers database and VM administrators to achieve faster dev-test or workload upgrades with space-efficient cloning capabilities. This reduces operation disruption because SnapCenter is tightly integrated with NetApp storage making these tasks faster than workload native tools such as Oracle RMAN and VMware vSAN Backup.

SnapCenter provides a user-friendly interface that centralizes the management of snapshot and backup copies for MSSQL, Oracle, SAP HANA databases running on FSx for ONTAP. This is achieved through on-demand or policy-driven scheduled backups, where SnapCenter seamlessly handles tasks such as quiescing databases for consistent backups and managing retention and restoration. SnapCenter 5.0 and above uplevels this experience by integrating with BlueXP Backup and recovery for VMs to easily create snapshots, restore data and clone these databases running on VMware cloud with FSx for ONTAP storage.


Both SnapCenter and BlueXP backup and recovery for VMs are software solutions provided by NetApp. These solutions can be downloaded directly from NetApp's website. They are offered at no additional charge to customers using FSx for ONTAP making them cost-effective solutions to protect databases and virtual machines on FSx for ONTAP.


Picture 1.png

Preview of protection of virtualized MSSQL and Oracle databases running on VMware Cloud with FSx for ONTAP storage can be experienced with

BlueXP backup and recovery for VMs (version 1.1 X5)

SnapCenter 4.9 P1

*Please note, this is in Preview and must not be deployed in a production environment


We have an exciting roadmap ahead, aiming to enhance our capabilities for application and VM consistency. Our goal is to extend support to additional databases, enable granular restores, introduce newer protocols, and much more. We encourage you to stay tuned for updates in this area as we continue to evolve and improve our offerings. For detailed information on how to protect MSSQL or Oracle databases using SnapCenter, we invite you to further read our deep dive blog.



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