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Array Manager configuration failed


Hello, everyone!


During Array Manager configuration of VMware SRM, error message appears:

Internal error: std::exception 'class Dr::Xml::XmlValidateException' "Not enough elements to match content model : 'All(Name,Model,ReplicationSoftware,PeerArrays)'".


What could be a cause of the problem?


I have installed SRA 2.1 on both sites, paired them. I found some old posts (2010-2012 years) where they had the same issue with SRA version 2.0.1 (http://www.virtualizationteam.com/bcdr/srm-error-xmlvalidateexception-element-sourcedevice-is-not-vaild-for-content-model-source-device.html). They recommend to downgrade to 2.0.0 version or fill the Volume Include and Exclude lists. I think that downgrade to version 2.0.0 is not relevant now. Filling Include and Exclude lists doesn't help.

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