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Array pair not creating properly in SRM 5.01 with SRA 2.0


I have an SRM environment where snapmirror volumes on two NetApp filers on the protected side (idcnetapp1 & idcnetapp2) are paired with their respective volumes on a single filer on the recovery side (mdcnetapp1). The array pairing for idcnetapp2 & mdcnetapp1 works perfectly. However, idcnetapp1 will not pair correctly with mdcnetapp1. Below is a screenshot from the "Devices" tab in SRM and you can see that in the bottom half, nothing shows up in the "Datastore" column. Consequently, the protected volume does not appear when I try to create a new protection group.

No errors are being reported anywhere in SRM, so I'm not sure how I can fix this.

Any suggestions?



After more tinkering and testing I still can't figure out what's wrong here.

Anyone seen this before?

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