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Autosupport issues/problem FAS2020


We have multiple FAS2020 's.

We use the filers in our VMware enviroment, but its iscsi network is a stand alone network. Now we had some problems with one of the filers and the autosupport function is not working.

I will try to explain it a little.

Our netapps are on a seperate switch in the 172.16 range. Our other network is on the 192. range. The iscsi switch isn't connected to our production network.

Is it somehow possible to use the BMC port for autosupport, i read a blog where it says you have to enable dns on the filer. But that is for the  e0b and e0a network cards.

Can someone please help me?


Re: Autosupport issues/problem FAS2020


BMC can send limited notifications, but it is not replacement for full autosupport. If your filer is totally isolated, there is no workaround.

Do you have any chance to setup e-mail forwarding (SMTP) on host connected to both networks? As you are using VMware anyway, may be setup restricted VM that does nothing else? There are router dstros that fit on floppy …

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Autosupport issues/problem FAS2020


Today i installed a SMTP server on the server and this solved the problem. We now can send autosupport messages.

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