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Can 2 vcenter with VSC make SMVI backup of different VMs in one Netapp-NFS-Volume?



if we follow our current migration process we will run into the following situation:

in a NFS-Share (cDot 8.3.2P5@FAS8020) are some VMs on old ESX-Hosts which gets backuped by our old vcenter5.x with VSC 4.2.2 while other VMs (which are migrated to the new hypervisors) get backuped by our new vcenter (6.5) with VSC 6.2.1. The backup jobs would run at different hours.


Would such a scenario work or are we forced to seperate the NFS-volumes?



Hello @netrz,


I *believe* this will work.  A couple of things to consider:


  • During the migration process there will effectively be 2x the number of snapshots on the volume.  Just be aware of that as there could be an issue with the maximum snapshot count.
  • After the migration, and the valid recovery window for the virtual machines has expired, you will want to ensure that the snapshots from the originating system have been removed from the volume.  Be careful removing these, I'm not sure that there is any difference in the naming scheme, so it might not be obvious which VSC instance created them.

If you have concerns, I would open a support case and work with them to validate that your transition plan will ensure there is no lapse in recoverability for your virtual machines.



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