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Can NetApp SRA support FC and NFS in the same Array manager?


I have a vm that has a virtual disk on an nfs datastore and an rdm lun (rdm pointer file) on a vmfs datastore. When I configure the SRM Array Manager, it seems that I can only configure one Array Manager for NFS and I have to configure another Array Manager for FC.


This is a problem because when I create my Protection group for the above vm, the first thing I'm tasked to do is select an Array Manager. If I pick the NFS Array Manager than I only see the NFS Datastore group, and I don't get to select the VMFS Datastore group that holds the RDM pointer files. This means the Protection group shows the vm as not configured because it doesn't see the VMFS disk.


Same thing happens if I pick the FC Array Manager. The protection group sees the RDM disk but not the NFS disk. If I were allowed to create a single Array Manager for both NFS and FC discovery the issue would be solved. It looks like I'll have to migrate the NFS disk to the VMFS volume so both disks are on the same VMFS. This is not ideal. 


Has anyone run into this issue?