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Change/Rename NFS Datastore in VMWare on Netapp


Hello all. I have run into an issue that I am hoping to get some feedback on. I also have a request open with VMWare, but I am waiting to hear back from them. Here is the situation. We have a two 5 hosts ESXi (5.1) clusters which act as primary and DR sites for each other. So, each site has 5 ESXi hosts, and their own NAS. To help make DR's a bit easier, we have one facility mapping the datastores via host name which seems to working great. However, the other facility has the datastores mapped via IP address. Because of network changes, we cannot span the IP's to both locations (sorry, not my call to change either) which means we would have to modify every vmx file to re-attach the datastores at the DR site. So, we are looking for an easy way to modify the datastore mapping in a way that will not cause much issue. I have seen in older VMWare environments there was a command to change the datastore IP or URL with incident. However, I cannot find that in ESXi 5.1 or 5.5. One option was to do a datastore vmotion, but I am worried about the space requirements for that. We have 30TB of VM's and only about 10TB free space right now. If we try to do datastore Vmotions, it will create TONS of additional snapshots which we cant afford right now with the limited space. So, any ideas? I am hoping to just "rename" the datastore mount point to the NAS without disrupting the data on the NAS. Thanks for the help, and hopefully this isn't to confusion (still getting my daily dose of coffee right now).



After mulling this over most of the day, I have not gotten any further. One thought I had was to add a static-route or redirect to the Nexus switch at our DR site that would take the invalid IP and direct it to the correct storage IP. This way, nothing would need to change until after we have our new storage in place. What are your thoughts on this?