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'Content manager did not return an object' error in SANscreen reports in vCenter



I am using SANscreen 6.1 and I have configured 'Virtual Center Plugin reports configuration' for our  vCenter in SANscreen and observed the below error when i launched 'View->Solutions ad Applications->SANscreen Reports' from my vCenter.

   Content Manager did not return an object for the requested search path '/content/package[@name='VM Capacity 6.0']/folder[@name='Reports']/report[@name='VM Storage Utilization']'.

DPR-ERR-2082 An error has occurred. Please contact your administrator. The complete error has been logged by CAF with SecureErrorID:2011-07-13-16:31:38.767-#20

From the error lines I guess the 'VM Capacty 6.0' from where it tries to pick the report is where the problem lies, should not it be 6.1 version as the SANscreen?

Please help me in trouble shooting this.

The steps done to configure the vCenter in SANscreen and the SANscreen in Datawarehouse Reporting engine is given below.

vCenter in SANscreen:

1. From SANscreen Connect Applications link, in In VC plugin registration, have given the vCenter credentials.

2. From SANscreen Connect Applications link, in Virtual Center Plugin reports configuration, have given the DWH reporting engine IP and port number.

In DWH reporting engine.

1. In Connectors have given the SANscreen machine details, tested and run the job which was successful

And then i tried the SANscreen reports from vCenter which did not work and gave errors.





What version of SANscreen are you running?


Version is 6.1, but looks like the content manager is still looking for 6.0. How do I troubleshoot?


6.1.3 is the latest 6.1 maintenance release.

In the SANscreen client, go to help -> about to see what version you are running.

6.1.3 has some fixes for the VMware plugin - I think could be the issue.

What is worth checking - go to the SANscreen http management portal, SANscreen connect applications -> VirtualCenter Plug-in Reports Configuration

Is the reporting engine address configured?


Yes the correct version running is 6.1.3.

Checked with the VirtualCenter Plug-in Report Configuration.

The reporting engine address is configured, when I edit the path, I could see VM Capcity 6.0; I changed it to 6.1, saved and re-run from my vCenter.

With LUCK it works, and I could not find significant amount of data being reported. Guess I need to do more configuraiton on this end??

This looks more like a pdf file, with not so good formatting done with it.

Thanks for the tweek.


John Jr.

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