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Debup VM backup made by Vranger


As anyone have experience with dedup VM  backup made by Vranger?

What we try is first, remove compression on Vranger backup to disk, than apply netapp 7.3.4 dedup on that volume (snapshoot are disable on that volume). It only give us 5% recover space ( 15GB on 270GB volume). It's not very good. Vranger compression give us at least 2:1. Any gotcha I must be aware?

Feel free to give your oppinion.


Re: Debup VM backup made by Vranger


Hi and welcome to the Communities!

Firstly, there may be a number of reasons why you are getting poor dedupe ratio with NetApp ASIS on VMware volumes, with the most likely being block misalignment.

Secondly, NetApp ASIS operates on primary data, whilst vRanger de-duplicates only your backup images - this is comparing apples with pears IMHO.


Re: Debup VM backup made by Vranger


thaks for your reply!

I just want to add that the VM bakup software "Vranger" write is backup file to a CIFS share. So, I dont think we can talk about disk alingment in that case. It create large file from full bakup of VM guest server (20 GB min).

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