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ESX host utilities

I searched for about 20 minutes for the download and I cant find it anywhere.

Anyone have a clue where it is?

I would greatly appreciate a link

Re: ESX host utilities


Scroll down to 'FC Host Utilities'

In the 'Select Platform' drop-down select ESX

Hope this helps.

Re: ESX host utilities

Thank you

That was it, unfortunately it says I am not authorized, despite the fact that we are licensed.

So in the interest of time I am abandoning the whole idea and moving on as I have wasted 2 hours on this which I can not download.

Re: ESX host utilities

Just out of interest is the iSCSI Utilities Kit listed as available / authorized for you because the ESX HUK is also available there.

Outside of that I'm fresh out of ideas

Re: ESX host utilities

The intent is that host utilities are made freely available to all NetApp customers; no license required.  If for your login the download link shows as unauthorized I suggest you contact the NetApp support center for resolution.