Exchange 2010 on VMware

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I am new to the forum, we have had a long standing performance issue with our Exchange 2010 DAG so have come looking for some advice please.


We are running Exchange 2010 SP3 Roll Up 5 on FAS3220 Filers running OnTap 8.1.3P3


The Aggregate that holds our Exchange VMs and databases is always maxed out of IOPs by Exchange.


I have read recently that we should not run the Exchange VMs on the same spindles as the DBs, is this correct and does it apply to our version of Exchange?


I can provide more details about our setup if required but dont want to bore anyone with too much detail.


Apparently I am led to believe the 3000 IOPs that our SAS disks provide should be more than sufficient. We have about 5000 users and 24x 300Gb DBs running.


Thanks very much


Re: Exchange 2010 on VMware



Please refer the article for implementing Exchange 2010 on VMware

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