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Exchange archive & retention policies @ UZ Leuven


Cheers to IT manager Reinoud who is presenting at Symantec Vision this week in Vegas. (Really wish I was there ...) Reinoud joined a panel discussion on Enterprise Vault. Search Storage just published a nice summary at . Highlights include:

  • 1 million emails a month

  • 1.7 TB archive with compression and single-instancing, compared to a 1 TB Exchange database.

  • Archives everything except users' inboxes, spam and deleted items every seven days

  • Archives inboxes after 30 days (mail is replaced in the Outlook client with a stub comprised of the first 500 characters)

Attendees in the audience from the U.S. were concerned about the differences between compliance and litigation regulations in Europe and America. Reynders said the hospital uses Symantec's Sygate Management Server to scan for all emails with personal patient identification numbers and archives electronic patient records in a separate system. "Still, it's very easy to use email for sharing patient information, and patients want to use it," he said. "We're working on a separate Web portal for doctors and patients to communicate."

Reinoud, if you have a sec to read this two questions: Did you mention at one point you were using VMware to support some or more aspects of your Exchange environment? Also, have you already given your full prezo?



Hi Friea,

I have also given a full presentation @ vision. You can find in the BNUG subsection of this user community.

Today, we are migrating to EX 2007, and there some roles of this infrastructure are we running on VMWare. The main Exchange servers we still use physical servers. The benefit is there less, because we need all the horse power of the server. This is one of the few exceptions where we still use physical servers.