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FAS 2240 Allocation % best performance



I am in the process of selecting a storage device to replace my HP EVA 6100. I have a NetApp competitor claiming that the performance on a FAS 2240 rapidly degrades after it reached 50% allocated. I figured this would be the best place to find out if they are telling the truth or just blowing smoke. I will be running 2 SQL databases 500+ GB each, VMware, Exchange, and file servers on the FAS 2240. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Cecil Miles

Network Administrator    



Lots of smoke... This sounds like FUD we used to hear 10 years ago... any file system that is full isn't likely going to perform well and no idea where they came up with the 50% number.  Sounds like they don't understand NetApp and have some really old FUD that didn't hold water back in the day either.  You can also reference the SPC1 benchmark sustainability test  http://www.storageperformance.org/results/benchmark_results_spc1/#spc1e  where the allocation is over 50% ... ~12,000GB allocated and ~3,000GB free.  The majority of my customers run at over 50%...easily 70%+ allocated with some margin for growth.

NetApp also has some really great sizing tools that we have trusted for years... when we plug the inputs in and get the controller model and spindle count and type we are confident it meets the performance.

Also with your VMware, NetApp can typically give a 50% on deduplication so your allocation will be double on the other vendor....there is also a 50% guarantee from NetApp with an analysis done by professional services before implementation.