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FAS-2240 Controller Question



I am trying to determine if this is possible....


Currently I have a FAS-2240 with 2 Controllers with IP's of .81 and .82


I have 3 disc shelves....

All my servers are virtualzed and I have 10.57 TB allocated for an aggr0 on .81 and .82 

The storage shares show them broken down into 2 TB storage lun's due to running esxi 4.1


If I upgrade to 5.5 which I plan to do, is it possibvle to take the .81 and .82 and create one big aggr of 21 TB ? instead of two 10.57 TB on each controller .81 and .82 ?

I dont believe that its possible to borrow all those discs and put them on the 1 controller, nor do I think its NetApp's best practice.

Thanks guys

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