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FAS2050 Network Configuration Confusion Some guidance required


Hello all,

I hope someone can help me here.

I am currently trying to deploy a NetApp FAS2050 and am hearing many different stories and varied configurations and would like some advice from some experts within this community as to the road I go down.

I have 2 HP DL380 G7 boxes with vSphere 4.1 about to be installed on

2 X Cisco 3560's to connect them up to

a FAS2050 base configuration model.

Now what I would like to know is how best to wire up the networking for this set up.

From looking at netApp best practices they have advised about using 2 storage subnets and setting up multipathing. However from the looks of it as my switches don't do etherchannel trunking between switches this isn't possible without buying additional PCI cards for each filer head.

I dont want to procure even further hardware because of the lead time and process overhead. After all I am only virtualising a few legacy servers in this environment.

How can I best set up the network configuration for this filer.

Another question is looking at the best practice guides there are mentions of using 2 subnets for the Storage networks, why is that? Why can I not present all the disks down the same subnet?

Thanks in advance for your help



you could always vif/ifgrp the ports as "single" and then vlan them

i.e. on version 7.3 something like

vif create single test e0a e0b

vlan create test 10 20 30

ifconfig test-10 ip_address

ifconfig test-20 ip_address

ifconfig test-30 ip_address



Many thanks for your help

So if I draw this out to make sense.

Would this configuration be valid?

With failover from Subnet 1 to Subnet 2 in case we lose a switch or filer head?