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Fileservers on two domains residing on NetApp with 2 controllers - CIFS question



I have two domains with 2 servers on each that I would like to virtualize with vmware and put on NetApp.

Two in each domain are file servers with about 600 GB of data each.

I am not sure if I should host all file server data on NetApp (i think I cannot have 2 Active Directory realms for CIFS)???

Tech info:

FAS2020 filled with 12 500GB SAS disks.

Two controllers on FAS2020.

No FlexClone.

CIFS, NFS and SCSI licenses.

Small environment with about 30 clients/users in each network/domain.

If you have any additional advice I would really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!

Marin Katic



Hi Marin

Since you have 2 controllers, I would rather setup cifs on both of them (Controller1 in Domain1 and Controller2 in Domain2) then running a VMware Windows FileServer (or 2)...

Just make sure that both Controllers have the correct AD DNS Servers defined and the DNS Domain pointing to the Active Directory.

Then you'll have two high available and high performance NetApp FileServers with the best Snapshot in the world.

Hope this helps,


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