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Guest OS tuning for RHEL 8.x version



Hi,Now I'm trying to tune to the guest OS of RHEL 8.x according to the following KB, but this KB does not describe how to configure for RHEL 8.x.


KB title:What are the guest OS tunings needed for a VMware vSphere deployment?


If anyone knows how to set up for RHEL 8.x version, could you please tell me?






Hello, Mitsuhiko.

With RHEL 8.x, we recommend the defaults out of the box. No customizations are needed unless directed by Red Hat support for your specific environment. 


Hello, bingen.


Thank you for your response.


It is said that there is no problem with the default timeout, but I understand that the default timeout for Linux is 30 seconds.


Is there any reason why the default timeout value is fine only for RHEL 8.x while the previous version purposely changed it to 60 seconds?




I think that KB article probably needs to be updated. It seems to have been designed around ONTAP 8.1 and ESX 5.


ONTAP 9 and currently supported versions of ESXi both have significantly improved failover times and better path handling with ESXi itself having a much more robust storage stack.


That said, before going into production with your new RHEL 8 VMs, it's always strongly advised to test failover handling while under load.


Hello, bingen.


Thank you for your reply.


We will request Feedback from KB based on the content you received.

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