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HA pair configuration DOT 8.1.2


Hi All,

Does anyone know if its possible to use the e0m interfaces on each controller of a FAS2240-2 for active/active configuration?  I am basically just setting up this filer and is not in production yet.  I want to setup the interfaces in the following way for resiliency/redundancy:

Controller A & B

e0a & e0d = vif0 (CIFS and in-band management of the filer)

e0b & e0d = vif1 (iSCSI access for VMware)

e0m = HA traffic

Please let me know if I'm totally off track or if I'm going in the right direction.  The vifs are going to be terminating on LACP interface pairs on a Juniper switch.

Thanks guys


Re: HA pair configuration DOT 8.1.2


Hi Gavin

In HA configuration, HA traffic is done internally if "one box" HA

e0M can be used for hardware assist mechanism and management

it's a combo port you also have SP (for out of band management)

Your LAN config is an option yes

Depending your Juniper configuration and possibilities, an alternative configuration would be: one VIF including 4 LAN port and create on that VIF 2 VLAN for CIFS and iSCSI


Re: HA pair configuration DOT 8.1.2


Thanks RICCO thats helpful.  So e0m doesnt come into it when configuring the HA pair.  If I setup the vif for iSCSI should I definately use an MTU size of 9000?  Aparently jumbo frames aids in better IOPS from VMware to LUNs on the filer.

Re: HA pair configuration DOT 8.1.2


E0M is management port - out of band network.

FAS2240-2 has a build cluster and no need to explicitly configure it.

When configuring the ifgrp use the partner name not the IP's. Specify every interface with partner but not to aliases.

thank you


Re: HA pair configuration DOT 8.1.2


Well,it's a good broad topic. jumbo frame or not

many colleagues who tested this, do not found a significant increase in performance

You can configure the options ,if you want, you have to set MTU9000 on physical switch + vmkernel + FAS

HA pair configuration DOT 8.1.2


Yea I've read alot of documentation on it.  Just trying to do the best possible set-up for this FAS.  We are using Juniper EX3300 switches for the ESX and storage.  Storage is seperated by vlans and I have setup link aggregated groups of 2 interfaces i.e vif1 (e0b, e0c)(LACP) connects to a LAG (link aggregated group) on the juniper.  The LAG on the juniper is set as LACP in active mode.  Was a bit shaky on this part as normally with a LAG in Juniper one side is active and one side is passive.  I'll see if it works tomorrow.

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