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HBA scanning for Snapdrive and Snapshots on ESXi


Hi Guys.

I'm new in the NetApp world but not new in the Storage technology (currently we're using another storage vendor), we just implemented NetApp in our HO and is going to be our main storage, we have 2 FAS3270 at the HO and 2 FAS3220 in the DR site running Data ONTAP 8.0.1, we are 95% virtualized using VMware ESX 4.1U1, our company is using NetApp as a main storage in all our remote sites (4 total) and we decided to standardized our storage and add NetApp to our HO.

The reason I'm starting this discussion is: we are in discussion to move from ESX 4 to ESXi (x), one of our storage admin from one of the remote site that is in charge of the implementation in the HO warned us about some incompatibilities between NetApp and ESXi, more specific " HBA scanning for Snapdrive and snapshots", I've been trying to find info about this (Google/NetApp forum) but no luck so far, i called 3 weeks ago to a NetApp engineer and he couldn't give me an straight answer, he said that he wasn't aware of any type of issue, i called VMware and they told me that the best answer in this case has to come for the NetApp engineer .

Guys, any one is having this type of issues?, do you guys know where can i find info regarding this?.

We are currently using FC SAN and we are going to continue using it.

Thanks in advance, i really appreciate any input




It's hard to say unless we know exactly what your colleague was trying to do and what with, it's possible they had some element of unsupported config that caused an issue.

If you check everything out on the Interoperability Matrix Tool you can see exactly what's required for a supported config and therefore minimise the chance of running into any issues: