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ISCSI error message on filer when trying to scan datastore


Netapp 2020 filer, ESXi v5

I'm trying to add a a path to a datastore on my esxi server. When I enter the ip address in the dynamic section of the software ISCSI hba and then rescan the adapter in vcenter i receive this message in the syslog of the filer:

ISCSI: Initiator iqn.1998-01.com.vmware:virtualbox3.xxxxxxxx.com:533700627:33 does not have access to interface e0b

I've looked everywhere I could think in the netapp config. The interface has iscsi enabled and all the initiators are mapped correctly with no authentication.

These datastores were working correctly (dynamic discovery) prior to me changing the ip address of that interface (e0b) and the ip of the nic in the vm host. I am able to ping both addresses from a machine on the same vlan, so I'm pretty sure they are talking correctly. I guess I'm just at a loss on what to look at next.

Thanks for any help.




Did you check the following:

options interface

iscsi interface show


Here's what I get with those commands:

netapp1b> options interface




interface.blocked.mgmt_data_traffic off        (value might be overwritten in takeover)




netapp1b> iscsi interface show

Interface e0a enabled

Interface e0b enabled

I'd do iscsi service restart on the filer .. not sure it's possible in your environment though.

Yea, I already tried a complete reboot of the filer this morning with the same results. It just does not make any sense. I've even fallen back to the original IP address, etc and the problem remains.

yeah, sounds like opening support ticket will not hurt at all. Sorry can't help more in this case.



Same issue today but resolved !

this is because there are some acceslist associated with interface iscsi.

To see accesslist : iscsi interface accesslist show

to remove accesslist : iscsi interface accesslist remove


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