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Info on VSC 2.1.1

I'm seeking information on how backups etc work in the VSC and if it's a good alternative to what i'm currently using in my infrastructure (veeam)

Can someone enlighten me and or link me to some good documentation?

Also, any news on vsc 2.2 or when 8.1 will be supported?



Re: Info on VSC 2.1.1


Please see if this helps. If you have VSC and SMVI license, it can do all backup restore job that SMVI can do.

VSC can do provisioning, Cloning , Backup and Restore + all Host Utility Kit (HUK) for ESXi is included  (can also download mbralign tools).


It is highly recommended to install VSC in ESXi environment as it can help to prevent FCP partner path IO issue (HUK functionality).

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Re: Info on VSC 2.1.1

Thanks so much for the great response

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