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Issue with VSC Appliance v 7.1 with vMware 6.5

Hi All


Looking for a little advice before i log a case as we are flat out of ideas.

We have multiple environments with 8020s running On-Tap 9.1 each has a vCenter and each has an instance of the VSC Appliance (7.1) installed.


However 2 of these have the same problem which i cannot bottom out. 

They both see the storage arrays (as they should.)

They both see all volumes (as they should.)

However when the box is checked "Enable VASA  Provider" is sellected it waits for a while and then spits out an error that there is an issue with a certificate.

vCenter registration of the VASA provider failed. An invalid HTTPS certificate was detected and rejected by the VASA provider 185 Seconds ago.

Please regenerate your vCenter Storage monitoriong Service Certificate and then re-try registration.

Ive looked all through vCenter and cannot find an expired certificate or a cert for Sto (these certs are issued from our CA Cert Server)


So far I have..

De-registered and re-registered the VSC

De-registered and re-registered the VSC and confirmed Folders are removed from the vCenter 

Manually de registered the VSC and re-registered with vcenter reboot

Deregistered the VSC Regenerated the VSC appliance certs and re-registered with vCenter


All to no avail, i have no idea where it is looking for these certs..


Any Ideas ...?




Re: Issue with VSC Appliance v 7.1 with vMware 6.5

When I last regenerated (self-signed) virtual appliance certificates, I had to restart ESXi and vCenter services to reconnect everything.


You are probably familiar with this KB for CA-signed certs.



Otherwise you might contact Support for assistance.



Re: Issue with VSC Appliance v 7.1 with vMware 6.5

Hi there Karl


Many thanks for the reply.


So i need to run a restart of all the hosts in the cluster (wow) i never saw that one comming...!

I will put a change in to give it a go. 

So there were no other steps or steps ive missed etc..


Yes i am indeed familiar with the article you link its somewhat light.... 🙂 any idea when the procedd documentaon may be finished so i can integrate our VSC deployments with our CA certificate servers..




Re: Issue with VSC Appliance v 7.1 with vMware 6.5

Hi Paul,


Are you sure you signed in to the Support site?  It's a rather lengthy KB.  But if you are not signed in you only see the first two sentences.


I haven't done a lot with CA-signed certs myself.  In my case, I needed to regenerate the self-signed certs as they had expired.  Once I did that, I could not get the VASA Provider to register with ESXi.  I was running 6.5.0 which seemed to have some bugs with these processes.  In my case it was fixed by restarting ESXi.  But that may be a blunt approach; I might also have tried just restarting vvold and hostd.


I still suggest contacting Support.  They have a broader range of experience on this than I do.



Re: Issue with VSC Appliance v 7.1 with vMware 6.5

Hi there


Have restarted the VVOLD and HOSTD services without sucess.

Following the restart did you then need to de-register and re-register the VSC ..??


I have a support case open.

The VSC is a tiresome buggy POS.....



Re: Issue with VSC Appliance v 7.1 with vMware 6.5



No, the VP just registered with VC after that.  I thought your registration problem was with VP, not VSC.


I am sorry you are having these problems.  In my experience with 6.5.0 I have had a number of problems with VMware software, especially related to VP/VVols.  Registration must be another one of these problem areas as I have seen articles from Cormac Hogan (which helped our largest VVol-using customer) as well as a VMware KB on troubleshooting VP registration.  Flash is the one that is my biggest problem.  🙂


If you let me know your case number I will keep an eye on it.



Re: Issue with VSC Appliance v 7.1 with vMware 6.5

Hi There Karl


Just found this link which is also us so could well be related.




So while the VSC is registered in vCenter and we can reach the portal to register \ de-register the VSC is giving the exact same issue as linked above if you check server side. So my original post could just be a symptom.

vCenter does not show the entries for NetApp under storage providers.


Does this help..?




Re: Issue with VSC Appliance v 7.1 with vMware 6.5

I remember that post, but didn't really see enough information there to understand their problem.  Just to confirm in your case:

- The virtual appliance console reports "Virtual Storage Console is running and registered with vSphere", but "VASA Provider and SRA is running and not registered with vSphere".

- There is no entry for NetApp-VP under Storage Providers on the Configure tab for your vCenter in the vSphere Web Client.


I'm happy to look at your case notes if you share the case number.


Here are the two articles I mentioned:




Although in my case after regenerating the self-signed certificate neither of these seemed to restore the registration until I restarted the ESXi host.



Re: Issue with VSC Appliance v 7.1 with vMware 6.5

@OldGreyBeard  Just following up to see if you got a solution for your issue.

Re: Issue with VSC Appliance v 7.1 with vMware 6.5

Hi. So did you get a solution ? Now I facing same issue!

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