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MBralign Windows 2008

After a succefully P2V converter and a succefull mbralign operation

Windows failed to start with message File:\windows\system32\winload.exe status 0x0000225

Of course, boot sequence on the vmdk backup is ok.

Does Mbralign 1.4 support Windows 2008 ?

Thanks Christophe


Re: MBralign Windows 2008

You shouldn't need it on Vista/2008 as the the default offset is 1MB (1024KB), a value which should result in aligned VMs.

Re: MBralign Windows 2008

Ditto -- use mbrscan (installed as part of the ESX Host Utilities) to check/verify -- do make sure you've installed the ESX Host Utilities of course.

Re: MBralign Windows 2008

No mbrscan tell us that Windows 2008 must be aligned.

An amelioration may be that mbrscan return that Windows 2008 don't need alignment. What do you Think about this ?


Re: MBralign Windows 2008

Hmm....I'm afraid I'm not following -- could you post the mbrscan output by any chance?

Re: MBralign Windows 2008

I've encountered a bunch of 2008's aligned to offset 32256 and had the same problem with a broken boot loader sequence after running mbralign.

However, it can be easily fixed by rebuilding BCD store: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/927391/en-us

bootrec /rebuildbcd