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Mapping LUNs to Hyper-V hosts


It appears that you can not set up a single igroup for a cluster of Hyper-V hosts and map all of the clustered LUNs to this igroup using SnapDrive for Windows.  It doesn't need to be Hyper-V hosts, this is an issue for any Windows Clusters.

If you use SnapDrive for Windows to manage the igroups then you need to create a separate igroup for each host, i.e. I wanted to create a single igroup named after the cluster, e.g. hyperv_clus_01, and add the initiators for all Hyper-V hosts in the cluster to this igroup so that the LUNs only need to be mapped to the single igroup.  The same way as I would for a DRS/HA vSphere cluster of ESX(i) hosts.  You can create an igroup using SnapManager for Windows on the first host in the cluster named after the cluster and add its initiator(s) to the igroup but you can not then add the initiators of the other hosts in the cluster to this igroup using SnapDrive for Windows.  I can add the initiators to the igroup directly on the filer but then when I create/connect to LUNs using SnapDrive for Windows it does not allow the LUNs to be mapped to the "cluster" igroup and insists on the LUNs being mapped to different igroups for each host.

Yes, SnapDrive for Windows does do all of the mappings for you so you do not have to manually map the LUNs to each of the igroups yourself but it would be much neater when looking at the filer if there was a single igroup for a cluster.  I have some Hyper-V clusters with 12 nodes in them so end up with 12 igroups instead of a single one for these cluster.  Plus I have many Hyper-V clusters and keepng track of what if mapped to each cluster is made harder by not having a single igroup per cluster.

Am I missing something or is this the way it works?

I can't remember now how the process worked when I added an extra hosts into a cluster.  With vSphere I just add the hosts initiators to the single igroup I have and rescan the SAN and all the LUNs/Datastores are detected.  I recently added some extra hosts to a Hyper-V cluster and I think I managed to get SnapDrive to connect to each of the LUNs already mapped to the other nodes in the cluster, a bit of a time consuming job and there should be an easier way.



AFAIK, if you do not select the option dedicated disk. Then you should be able to connect to the LUN from other hosts. Are you not able to do that?