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Multiple vcenters in SMVI

I'm fairly new to NetApp and brand new to NetApp communuty.  We currently have a FAS3160 server NFS to our VDI environment and using SMVI to manage the snapshots and restores.  We recently purchased a FAS6080 and a FAS 3160 to move our VM server farms ofrom SAN onto NFS, but now we will have multiple vCenter server.  Can I control snapshots and restores from one SMVI install?


Re: Multiple vcenters in SMVI

Welcome to the NetApp community !

From the SMVI Install and Admin Guide, under 'Adding a vCenter server':

Note: You can only connect to one vCenter Server.

You can however manage multiple data centers and data stores with a vCenter server, so I'm not sure why you're planning on multiple vCenter servers ?

I hope this response has been helpful to you.

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Re: Multiple vcenters in SMVI

So I can only assume you are using more than one vCenter Server because you have more than one physical site to manage.  If that is true, and you would like to manage the entire environment from one SMVI installation, then I would suggest you try linking your vCenter Servers and conecting SMVI to the master server.  This solution can work across sites and should be supported.  I would of course recommend a call to NetApp Global Support to verify before you do this in production though.  Good luck!

Re: Multiple vcenters in SMVI

Thanks you for the reply.  Unfortunately, I have no control over the VMware desission to have multiple vCenter servers.   I beleive thier decission is based on keeping the dev, prd VDI environments completely independent.

I do appreciate your help.


Re: Multiple vcenters in SMVI

I will talk to the VMware team and see if this is an option.

Thank You for your reply.


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